Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introduction to Your Tumblr Blog

Customising Your Blog

  1. Click on your name on the right of the screen to access your personal blog.

  2. Click on powered by Tumblr. This will open a new window.

  3. Maximise the screen.

  4. Log in using your college e mail address & the password i have given you.

  5. Click on customise. type your name in the title box.

  6. Type in a statement on what this blog is going to be about.

  7. Go to theme & select on you like best for your blog.

  8. Click on save changes. this will take you to the front screen.

Adding Photos

  1. Click on photo icon.

  2. Browse for photographs you chose the previous week. Make sure you have the before & after versions of the same photograph. The first one you should add is the after version.

  3. Double click on the after photograph then add a caption.

  4. Click on create post.

  5. Now repeat this process to add the before version of your photograph.

  6. To add the rest of the photos repeat steps 1 to 4.

Extension Task

  1. Click on the text icon to add a new post.

  2. Give it a title like "Black park Photos".

  3. In the body text box write a short statement about what you liked about your project, were you pleased with the finished pictures & would you like other people to send their comments to you.

Enjoy the Task!


Wendy said...

I really enjoyed browsing the work your students are producing. They have started to use some of the Photoshop features really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the videos they create. Don't forget -Keep remindng the students about security, privacy, copyright and personal safety on the web and their blogs will be ideal to use as an online portfolio of their work.

Wendy said...

I really enjoyed browsing the photos the students produced. It is clear that they are getting the hang of the features in Photoshop.

Don't forget to remnd the students about security and privacy on the web and then their blogs will be ideal as an online portfolio.
Keep it up.